About us

Cake and Bake started an year ago with the concept of customising cakes cup cakes, bread rolls,stuffed breads and various other bakery products. It is more like a cake boutique than any other ordinary cake shop in the town.

​The entire concept was initiated by its founder/owner Mrs Payel Sil. Inittialy she had zeal of satisfying the sweet tooth of her loved ones. Gradually as she mastered the skill of baking with time, her zeal turned into a professional bakery. She believes in experimenting with different kind of frosting and filling giving each cake a personalised look with an unique taste, as every occasion is special in its own way.

Its is just a beginning and with effort of its owner , support of her clients and with the motto of keeping the quality of the product in its first priority the venture of Cake and Bake is all set to  lead in this new concept of bakery.